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Bios & Photos of Mr. Midwest Leather Contest 2007 Staff

Founder & Producer

Kurt Pierce Kurt Pierce

Founder of Mr. Midwest Leather Contest and Producer of 2007 Contest

Kurt Pierce is the founder of the current Mr. Midwest Leather Contest which started in Dubuque, Iowa in 2005 and is the  Producer of the 2007 Mr. Midwest Leather Contest at JJ's Club House.  Kurt was Mr. Pistons Leather 2003 from Long Beach / Orange County, California and went on to compete in the 2003 IML Contest. He is well-known in the leather community as an organizer of events both in Southern California and in the Midwest. In 2003, Kurt was involved with fundraising for various charities including the AIDS Food Store of Long Beach, CA, the AIDS Pediatriatic Ward at St. Mary's Hospital in Long Beach, CA, and also was the co-producer of the Mr. Pistons 2004 Contest at Pistons Bar in Long Beach, CA. In 2005, Kurt did fundraising for the AIDS Foundation in Dubuque, Iowa, and in 2006, Kurt was involved with fundraising for the AIDS Network of Madison, Wisonsin and AIDS Pediatric Ward of Chicago, IL.. In 2006, Kurt also was in Long Beach, CA for the Long Beach AIDS fundraising event, and in 2007 Kurt is presently working for the Effort for AIDS Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri as a volunteer.

Co-Producer & First Mr. Midwest Leather

Master of Ceremonies

Jon Krongaard Jon Krongaard

Member of the IML Executive Committee & Vice President of the Leather Archives & Museum

Jon Krongaaard is currently a member of the IML Executive Committee as well as the Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator for IML. Jon is also the current Vice President of the Leather Archives and Museum. Jon Krongaard moved to Chicago in 1994 from New York City, where he has been a lifelong resident. He lives with his partner of 15 years. Jon is both a past President and a Full Member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, a member of GMSMA of New York, a former Administrator of The McAdory Fund (Chicago Hellfire's charity assistance fund), and Special Projects Coordinator for International Mr. Leather. Jon was recently re-elected to another 3-year term to the Board of DIrectors of the Leather Archives and Museum. Jon has led many instructional programs for GMSMA and Chicago Hellfire. He has also judged a variety of leather events, including the first-ever Tri-State Leather Contest and first-ever Mr. Midwest Contest in fabulous Dubuque, IA and Mid-Atlantic Leather in 2000. He is a visible community activist and a passionate public speaker on the merits of preserving the leather community's history.

Karen Ultra Crecelius UltraDom (Karen Ultra Crecelius)

First Runner-Up Ms. World Leather 2004

Karen Ultra Crecelius has officially lost count of how many people she's addressed. As first runner up to Ms World Leather 2004 she has traveled extensively with her boy Michael; talking incessantly to anyone and everyone about the HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials. They estimate they talked to almost half the attendees of Folsom 2004 (one on one; not from a stage). They've traveled coast to coast; and attended many events and runs; presenting at some, speaking at others, and recruiting for the vaccine trials at ALL of them. Karen; like many of the "Middle Aged Guard" (Thanks to Laura Antoniou) found her way to BDSM through the internet. She knew she belonged in the Leather Universe; had known it since early adolescence, getting off on making her boyfriends beg. Lucky for her the people she met early on were real live participants and practitioners; and soon she went out in search of the real live community. She has been a member of St. Louis Leather and Lace; a board member of the same, co- chair of Beat Me in St. Louis, as well as Spanksgiving, co-chair of both Fetish Balls held in St. Louis; a member of PEP St. Louis and FLOG St. Louis. She is a founding member of NLA-I Philadelphia, an Associate Member of The Men of Onyx as well as a member of Mama's Family. She received the Pantheon of Leather President's Choice Award in February of 06. She has presented at both Fetish Balls; several Beat Me's, a few Spanksgivings, numerous PEP meetings, Beyond Vanilla, Rio Grande Leather; Spring Pandemonium, Kansas City Leather University/ Heart of America, IMsL, Dixie Belle, GLLA, Creating Change, Day of Demo and Debauchery in Las Vegas, and has presented at Tribal Fire and Judged at Great Plains Olympus, Mr. Cleveland Leather, Rio Grande Leather and SouthEast Leatherfest. She was also a facilitator at Master's Retreat. She MC'd Spring Pandemonium in ABQ, Ms World Leather in Las Vegas last year, Great Plains Olympus '06, Dixie Belle '05 and '06 and is slated to MC at MLT in Toronto The loves of her life are her boy Michael and her daughter "The MicroDomme". She heads a Leather Family founded on the traditions of Honor and Service; Responsibility and Duty.


Chuck Windemuth Chuck Windemuth, Head Judge

Program Director - LA&M Road Show and Director - Chicago Leather Kennel Club

Chuck began his leather journey in Chicago in 1988 after a 1st visit to Chicago’s legendary leather bar, Touche on Lincoln Avenue. Soon afterwards, he entered and won the title of Mr. Chicago Leather 1991 and entered IML 1991, placing as a top 10 finalist and had a true leather life changing experience in the process. In 2003, Chuck teamed up with Touche bar owner Chuck Rodocker and producer David Boyer to revive and co-produce a dormant Mr. Chicago Leather contest for 2004. He also co-founded with Thom Dombkowski the Chicago Leather Kennel Club (www.leatherkennel.com), a team of local former, current titleholders and various noted community leather/rubber leaders who provide voluntary support and mentoring to aspiring male and female leather/rubber contestants entering a 1st leather contest event. The club provides additional support to any leather/rubber titleholders headed towards national and international competitions. Additionally, Chuck is also the Director of the Leather Archives and Museum “Road Show” program. Working directly with Rick Storer, his staff and program volunteers who plan, design and staff LA&M exhibits displayed at various gay and heterosexual leather/BDSM/kink events worldwide. Recently, Chuck has served as Emcee of the Mr. Pittsburgh Eagle Leather 2005 contest and judged for Mr. International Rubber 2005 in Chicago. Scheduled in 2006, Chuck is slated to judge Mr. Cell Block Leatherman 2006 contest in February, serve as Head Tallymaster for Mr. Midwest Leather 2006 in April held in Chicago and received a 2006 Pantheon of Leather nomination for the Midwest Region category. A native of Cumberland, Maryland, Chuck currently resides in Chicago and works as an International Purser for a major US airline based in Chicago for the past 23 years.

Dr. Bruce Karmazin Dr. Bruce Karmazin

Mr. Midwest Leather  2006

Dr. Bruce Karmazin is Mr. Midwest Leather 2006 and was a Top-10 finisher in the 2006 IML Contest. Bruce is the founder and owner of the Gateway City Animal Clinic in St. Louis, Missori. He is a major fundraiser and volunteer sponsor for PAWs which assists pets and their owner. In his title year, Bruce made appearances at CLAW, Folsom, and was a contributor to the St. Louis Gay Pride festivities, and was a Judge in the Mr. Madison Leather 2007 Contest.

(Mr.) Marcus Hernandez (Mr.) Marcus Hernandez

Leather columnist in San Francisco's Bay Area Reporter & Judge Emeritus

Celebrating his 36th year as the leather columnist in San Francisco's Bay Area Reporter, (Mr.) Marcus Hernandez has been covering the worldwide leather scene since October 1971. He has contributed articles and photos to Drummer Magazine, The Leather Journal, the annual Int'l. Mr. Leather Program, the annual Int'l. Mr. Drummer Program and many other publications. His column appears in the printed version of the Bay Area Reporter, all versions of Express Magazines, on www.mamasfamily.org and in the Bay Area Reporter's web site, www.Ebar.com. He has been honored as the Outstanding Columnist in the public voting for San Francisco's Cable Car Awards so many times, he was taken out of contention and placed in the Hall of Fame in that category. Marcus has received numerous other awards including two Pantheon of Leather awards, the National Emerald Award and tributes from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the Secretary of State of California and San Francisco's Inter-Club Fund Motorcycle Awards the latest being Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. Marcus has been judging International Mr. Leather since 1980 and is now the Judge Emeritus for life on that panel. He has judged leather contests from coast to coast, in Canada and in Europe and is also the Judge Emeritus for the American Brotherhood Weekend titles. He was the Judges' Coordinator for International Mr. Drummer for some seven years and is on the board of directors of the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest. The recent mayor of San Francisco (Willie L. Brown, Jr.) honored Marcus by proclaiming the entire month of November 2000 as Mr. Marcus Month in honor of his 31st year milestone as the leather columnist in San Francisco's Bay Area Reporter.

Rich Wilson Rich Wilson

Mr. Missouri Leather 2006

Rich had the honor of serving as the 25th Anniversary Mr. Missouri Leather. Residing in Kansas City, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Rich began his leather journey in Detroit, Michigan where most weekends he could be found at the Detroit Eagle. Aside from serving as Mr. Missouri Leather, Rich is also a member of the Leather Archives & Museum, NLA-I and a proud Member of Mama's Leather Family where his name is "Mama's Ten Pin". The name comes from his obsession with the sport of bowling and the frustrating reality of the number of 10 pins he leaves during any given game! He is a competitive bowler averaging 210 and has been bowling since the age of 7. In his professional life, Rich has his MBA degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and has had various jobs in the financial sector, most recently serving as the Midwest and Central Market Regional Finance Manager for Ford Motor Company in Kansas City. His leather and fetish interests include latex/spandex, jockstraps, dildos, water sports, cbt, flogging and fisting. He has also recently begun to explore the pleasures of bondage with his partner Randy Wrisinger with whom he shares a home in Kansas City. His most infamous claim to fame….He has only met one man in his life that he wasn't able to swallow!

Robert Miller Robert Miller

CLAW Founder and Lifetime Board Member

Robert Miller is one the founders and directors of CLAW Corp., an all volunteer, public charity on behalf of the leather and fetish community. A three time Pantheon Award winner, CLAW Corp. produces the Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend ("CLAW"), a large leather convention held in Cleveland on the last weekend of April every year, as well as several other fundraising events throughout the year and around the country. CLAW features a huge silent auction, vendor mart, juried art show, and many other varied social, cultural and educational events. In its first five years, CLAW Corp. has donated over $55,000 to very important community charities. Bob is a long time Associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and spends three days out of every year working on the set up team for Inferno. Bob is a retired attorney who lives in southwestern Michigan with his life partner Jim. Bob leads a progressive political action group in Michigan, and is active in many political organizations.

Larry Golubski Larry Golubski

IML 2006 First Runner-Up

Larry Golubski is actively involved in several causes that he believes are extremely important to the community he calls home. They include the Long Beach AIDS Foundation (LBAF), Orange Coast Leather Assembly and a Holiday Clothing Drive for the local homeless. He is the IML 2006 First Runner-Up from Long Beach, California. Larry is a hard working advocate for HIV/AIDS related causes, currently serving the LBAF. The LBAF focuses on the many needs of HIV/AIDS related causes within the Long Beach community but specifically on raising funds and educating the community. Larry is a regular participant with the Orange Coast Leather Assembly, an organization dedicated to education and awareness for those interested in the BDSM community. Helping others explore their personal fetishes and kinky side brings a smile to his face. Larry firmly believes our sexual freedoms are worthy of preserving at any cost. Passionate about giving back to the community he lives in, Larry feels this is especially important during the holidays. Organizing a clothing drive within his community has become an annual event that is eagerly anticipated each holiday season by many great neighbors and friends who help Larry succeed in his efforts each year. Larry feels his life is quite complete with many great friends both within the leather community and beyond.

George.Wong George Wong

Producer of Mr. LA Leather 2007 & 2008 Contest

George has served as Public Relations Officer of Avatar Club Los Angeles since joining in 1995. Along with his marketing & advertising duties, he also serves the community as a supporter, friend, and mentor to many. He has judged leather contests from the local to national level for several years and was on the prestigious IML 2004 judging panel. As an educator, he presents various leather and fetish topics to leather organizations and college level classes. In addition, he is the producer of Mr. LA Leather 2007 and 2008 contest weekend. George is a four-time recipient of Avatar’s service award, received Pantheon’s So. California Regional Award twice and earned Southland Honors “Person of the Year” for his dedicated community service. He Co-Chaired Leather Leadership Conference Six and is a member of MAFIA in Chicago. In addition, George is a marketing & advertising consultant, special events producer, U.S. National Volleyball Champion, European Champion silver medalist, and Gay Games gold medalist in volleyball.

Judges' Boy

Jake Lucas Jake Lucas

1st Runner-Up in Mr. Missouri Leather in 2006

Jacob Lucas has been involved in the St Louis leather community for 2 years now. After taking 1st Runner-Up in Mr. Missouri Leather in 2006, he has become a member of Gateway M.C. along with his husband Dan Voigt. Working in a steel mill leaves little time for a social life, but whenever he can, he spends his spare time with family and friends.


Don Leach Don Leach, Head Tallymaster

Co-Producer of the Illinois Leather Sir/Boy Contest and Co-Contest/Contestant Director for the Great Lakes Leather Alliance

Don has been involved with the leather community for 13 years. Before moving to Chicago two years ago, the majority of that time was spent living in Columbus, Ohio. Don is a member of the Leather Archives & Museum, a former full member of the Centurions of Columbus and a current associate member of Trident Columbus and the Iron Eagles. Additionally he was a founding member and former Vice President of the Ohio Leather Alliance. During the mid and late 90s, he was actively involved with and a member of the Board of Directors for the Ohio and Great Lakes Drummer Contests. He has judged, emceed, performed demonstrations and conducted educational workshops at many events throughout the country and was fortunate to have been involved in many wonderful fund raising events such as CLAW and the Detroit Eagle Triangle Foundation fundraising weekend. Since coming to Chicago, he has also joined and been an active and proud member of the Chicago Leather Kennel Club and was honored to have been a part of the faculty for the Leather Archives & Museum educational workshop series "Intro To Kink", not to mention being the Shortstop of the 2006 Gay Softball World Series Championship Team. Additionally, he is a member of the Board of Directors for the International Leather Sir & Leather boy contest (which will be held this year in Dallas over Columbus Day weekend). He is the current Co-Producer of the Illinois Leather Sir/boy contest (to be held in Chicago at the Jackhammer and Hole Bar June 15-17 2007), and the Co-Contest/Contestant Director for the Great Lakes Leather Alliance weekend.

Joee.Arteaga Joee Arteaga, Assistant Tallymaster

Mr. Chicago Leather 2004

Joee Arteaga is a 31 year old native Chicagoan. He is Hispanic and has lived in New York City, Chicago, Texas, Hawaii and South Carolina. He won Mr. Chicago Leather in 2004 bringing the title back to life. He describes himself and his year as a true attention whore. He did very well at IML first placing in the top 20 and then ending up 15th Joee started his leather adventure over ten years ago in Chicago and has been turning people's heads ever since. He is a fire paramedic on the Chicago Fire Department for the last 6 years and has been in EMS for over ten years. Prior to this he was a soldier in the United States Army. Joee was a member Onyx, the leather man of color club, for 3 years and left as their Roads Captain. The year before he was their Secretary. He was Den Daddy for the first Mr. Midwest Leather contest and lead judge for the first man of color contest. He was co-chair for Onyx Blackout 9 and 10 and is a member of the Leather Archives and Museum. He helps out with many contests in the Midwest and believes in his community. He threatens to come back to the contestants' circle before 2010. He has been married to the same understanding man for 10 years, has 2 dogs and lives in Andersonville on the lake. His mantra is "I did it my way."

Den Daddies

Mark Bozif Mark Bozif

2005 Midwest Pantheon Award and Mr. Missouri Leather 2003

Mark Bozif was the 2005 Midwest Pantheon Award and Mr. Missouri Leather 2003. He resides in St. Louis, Missouri, but travels all over the country with work and play. This year, Mark passed on the chair of a group of Leather Men and Women in St. Louis known as "The Committee" whose main objective is S&M education. Mark has taught classes all over the country on the subjects of: S&M 101/102, Bondage, Electiric Play (uni and bi-polar), Fire Play, and Impact Play (tactile, floggers, and whips). He has judged feeder contests for Mr. International Leather, American Brotherhood Weekend, and International Leather Sir/boy. He is a member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, Fetish Life-style Open Group (FLOG), Seattle Men in Leather, St. Louis Dominants Forum, an Honorary Member of Gateway MC - St. Louis, and a voting member of the Leather Archive and Museum.

Ron Walters Ron Walters

Mr. Missouri Leather 2004 & Top 10 IML Contestant 2004

Ron Walters was the Mr. Missour Leather 2004 and went on to compete at IML that year where he finished in the top 10. He traveled extensively around the US and world in 2004 and is one of Missouri's constant advocates for the Leather Commity..


Richie Johnson Richie Johnson

Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2003 and placed in the Top 20 at IML’s 25th Anniversary

Richie Johnson made his grand debut into the leather community 5 years ago when he entertained at the Oklahoma Mr. Leather contest in 2002. The very next year he became Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2003 and placed in the Top 20 at IML’s 25th Anniversary. Richie is currently the treasurer for the KC boys of Leather in Kansas City, MO and is an Alumni member of the Tulsa Uniform & Leather Seekers Association, otherwise known as T.U.L.S.A. in Tulsa, OK. He is a member of Mama's family and is known as "Mama's Entertainer". Richie is currently working toward raising money for the 19th Annual AIDS WALK in Kansas City sponsored by the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City & the KC Leather Boys. Please see Richie throughout the night to make your donation, or you can click below on the AIDS Walk Kansas City logo to go directly to the web site to make your donation online via a credit card.


Mr. Midwest Leather


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