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Mr. Madison Leather Contest 2006

Mr. Madison Leather 2006 Winner is Chase Lindberger

The just-sashed Mr. Madison Leather 2006 Chase Lindberger

The first annual Mr. Madison Leather Contest was held on Saturday, February 11, 2006 at the Barracks Bar inside of Club 5 in Madison, Wisconsin. Over 200 people in the leather community attended to watch six contestants compete for the 2006 title.  The 2nd Runner Up for the evening was Roy Matuszak from Edgerton, Wisconsin. The 1st Runner Up was Billy Stevens from Baraboo, Wisconsin.  The winner was Mr. Chase Lindberger from Madison, Wisconsin. The other 3 contestants were Al Miller from Dubuque, Iowa, Corey Moll from Madison, Wisconsin, and George Kriwkowich from Madison, Wisonsin.  

1st Runner Up Billy Stevens, Winner Chase Lindberger and 2nd Runner Up Roy Matuszak

The weekend started off on Friday evening, February 10, 2006 at 10:00 pm with a Meet 'N Greet Fundraiser Party which was very successful with around 200 people attending.  IML donated 2 weekend packages for the IML 2006 weekend and a raffle was held raising funds for the AIDS Network of Madison, Wisconsin which raised a total of $350 for the weekend.  A number of leather accessories were donated for the raffle by Gryphon Leather, Look At That, and Vibes.

The Master of Ceremonies for the Contest was Jon Krongaard from Chicago, Illinois who is Vice-President of the Leather Archives Museum in Chicago as well as the Marketing Sponsorship Coordinator for IML (International Mr. Leather). Jon gave an entertaining, charming, and witty presentation which kept the crowd amused.  The Contest was produced by Kurt Pierce, founder of the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest which started in 2005. The interview portion of the contest took place on Saturday afternoon. The contest started at 11:00 pm and the six contestants were introduced and then showed off in Bar Cruise Wear, Formal Wear, and Minimal Wear.

Tallymaster Adrian Williams and Judges Wes K., George Brown, Michael Egdes, Walt Oberbroeckling and Chuck Windemuth

Judging the Contest was Michael Egdes, IML 2005 from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Mr. Midwest Leather 2005 Wes K. from St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. George Brown who is Mr. Cellblock Caliber Leatherman 2005 from Chicago, Illinois, Head Judge for the Evening Mr. Chuck Windemuth, founder of the Kennel Club and Roadshow Director for the Leather Archives Museum in Chicago and former Mr. Chicago Leather, and Walt Oberbroeckling, 2nd Runner Up of the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest 2005 from Dubuque, Iowa. The Den Daddy for the evening was Joee Arteaga who is Mr. Chicago Leather 2004. Joee presented the Mr. Madison Leather 2006 Remembrance Recognition to the Unicorn Club in honor of its founding father "Star." The Tallymaster was Adrian Williams who is Mr. Cellblock Caliber Leatherman 2003 from Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Egdes gave an interesting presentation on IML which kept the crowd entertained. Chuck Windemuth gave an excellent presentation on the Leather Archives Museum, and George Brown gave a presentation on the Kennel Club of Chicago. Many new people were introduced this weekend to the Leather community and a lot of people came into Madison from around the area for this contest.  Special thanks go to The Barracks Bar for hosting this event, especially to Ed, Brad, and David. 

Mr. Madison Leather 2006 Chase Lindberger and IML 2005 Michael Egdes

The winner of the Mr. Madison Leather 2006 contest, Chase Lindberger, will go on to compete in the Mr. Midwest Leather Contest to be held at the Chicago Eagle on April 8, 2006. Further information on that contest is available at www.MrMidwestLeather.com.


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